Brexit Impact - What's Changing Due to Brexit

Orders placed on or before December 29, 2020, will be sent the same way as in the past without any noticeable changes.
Unfortunately, due to Brexit and how it impacts our ability to move goods between EU and UK warehouses, we will be forced to send all orders (including Express and regular post) from outside the UK.
Orders placed on or after December 30, 2020, will be sent directly to each individual British customer from our EU warehouse.
Please also note that DHL Express services for shipments to the UK will be temporarily suspended at the end of December. The last pick up day for Express shipments from the EU to UK is 30th of December. The renewal of the Express service is scheduled for January 4, 2021.
Starting on December 30, 2020, postal items will be sent to British customers using Deutsche Post postal services. These will still be delivered by Royal Mail in the UK, but delivery times may be longer. It is still early to say how much delivery time will be impacted by Brexit.
VAT changes for the goods sold directly to customers in Great Britain from 1 January 2021:

  • We will be obliged to charge 20% UK VAT only on orders valued at £135 or less. This means that starting on January 1, 2020, VAT will be charged at the point of sale on orders valued at £135 or less and the customer should receive such order without any extra fees, duties or the paperwork in the UK.
  • However, we will not collect VAT for orders above £135 and such orders will need to go through customs in the UK.