Swarovski Certificate

UAB "Silver Dream" is the Swarovski® Authorized Retailer in Lithuania and other countries. We meet the standarts set by Swarovski and we offer a broad selection of high quality Swarovski crystals. You will find the greatest Swarovski Crystals assortment in the entire Baltic region. Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895. It is recognized for its innovative excellence and its collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting industries across the globe. Available in myriad colors, effects, shapes and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration, and are produced according to the innovative, lead-free Advanced Crystal standard. Why SWAROVSKI?


X-Cut Crystal Cutting Technology

ImageSwarovski’s unique X-Cut technology is based on scientific principles developed by the Gemological Institute of America for grading diamonds. Through advanced optical measurement and high-precision manufacturing, Swarovski is perfectly positioned to deliver premium crystal cuts that are characterized by the interplay of multi-layered surfaces and angles, with XILION and XIRIUS as the most prominent examples. The ‘science of geometry’ behind the X-Cut technology raises the crystals’ brightness, fire, and scintillation to an unmatched, radiant level of brilliance, a feat that has become customary when discussing Swarovski crystals.

Hotfix Glue Crystal Application Technique

ImageSwarovski’s Hotfix Glue technology offers a flexible and durable method that truly revolutionised the world of crystal application. The glue’s broad activation window, beginning at already low temperatures, makes it possible for customers to simply and easily align the application time and temperature in a way that is appropriate to their specific requirements resulting in time-precious and efficient process that delivers the perfect results. Hotfix Glue’s suitability for all textiles commonly used in the industry means that it is the ideal affixer for a vast array of clothing, interiors, and accessories. Its adhesive strength and washability make it the preferred choice of leading international brands and designers.

Platinum Pro

ImageUsing our vast research and technological capabilities, Swarovski has set a new standard in the lifespan and manufacturing of crystals with its new advanced Platinum Pro foiling technique. Platinum Pro is not only resistant to environmental damage from chlorine, salt water, and perfume – Platinum Pro can also withstand processes such as soldering and electroplating, giving it unprecedented durability and robustness, as well as complete peace of mind for the user.
Silver Mirror finish with platinum colored protective layer of highest quality.

Crystals – Made in Austria

ImageAustria, like Swarovski crystals, has become synonymous with quality. With a highly skilled workforce, supported by fair working conditions in accord with the high environmental standards, it has built a reputation for technical expertise, precision engineering, and reliability – with Swarovski’s ideals and practises no different. Originally, it was the country’s natural abundance of water that prompted our founder, Daniel Swarovski, in 1895, to establish his company in Wattens, high in the Austrian Alps. It was here that Swarovski would begin to utilise sustainable hydroelectric power that would drive his machinery to create the iconic Swarovski crystals – and his vision. Swarovski remains committed to an investment in the future, leading this culture of innovation, sustainability, and respect for individual wellbeing that underpins Austria’s success.