Thread is an excellent choice for stringing Seed Beads and other small beads. It's easy to thread and is considered a basic element for a variety of stringing, looming, and stitching needs. Thread consists of non-twisted fiber filament and is ideal for stringing craft projects and creating wearable beaded jewelry. To get the most from the thread strength, use the thickest size that will fit through your beads.

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  1. Beadalon® Silk Thread

    As low as €13.25
  2. Beadalon® WildFire® Beading Thread

    As low as €4.81
  3. Beadalon® DandyLine™ Braided Thread (25m/82ft)

    As low as €5.22
  4. Griffin® 100% Natural Silk Thread with 1 Needle (2m)

    As low as €1.99
  5. Nymo® Thread Bobbin

    As low as €1.15
  6. BeadSmith® FireLine® Braided Bead Thread

    As low as €3.64

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