Candy-colored effects palette

Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite effects

Let's celebrate the power of modern femininity! It’s a major change from the muted gender-neutral tones of previous seasons. Romantic yet strong, with highlighted facets emphasizing depth and clarity, they harmonize beautifully with existing shades.

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Heart shape goes beyond the fashion

The Heart Cut Pendant’s unfoiled gemstone optic gives an elegant, fine-jewelry look without the need for settings. This makes it lightweight, as well as a timesaving element in the bridge jewelry segment. It also opens up a range of creative possibilities for DIY enthusiasts, from simple earrings to more complex pieces.

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Mysterious and moody berry tones

Crystal Pearls, inspired by nature’s bounty

Elderberry and Mulberry Pink Pearls sumptuous berry tones reinforce the importance of organic influences in design as an antidote to the digital world. Mix and match with the new DeLite effects as well as other Crystal Pearls.

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