Futurism and traditional elegance

Highly faceted look

Mystic Square Fancy Stone captures fabulous futurism and traditional elegance in one charismatic stone. Its contemporary-precious looks are created by a grooved reverse side and precision-cut facets to the front. It makes an impressive centerpiece as well as perfectly complementing both fine jewelry and modern looks.

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Incredible Versatility

Unfoiled, yet it maintains an intensity of sparkle. Indeed, no other unfoiled crystal on the market can boast this level of brilliance. It’s what makes it so incredibly versatile, enabling open-back settings and offering new ways to imitate fine jewelry looks.

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Refined Shimmer
Variety of shapes

Richly Embellished Designs

Extraordinarily versatile, adding unrivaled sparkle to classic and contemporary designs alike, thanks to their brilliance and the precision of their cut. The smaller versions are particularly well suited to fashion accessories and can be set or glued into place, and the very smallest ones are perfect for nail and body art.

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