Mechanical Application

Many Swarovski products, such as Snap Fasteners, Rivets, and Rose Pins can be applied manually or mechanically onto different fabrics and other materials, using either semi- or fully-automated machines. This simple application technique is used primarily in the textile and accessories fields. Mechanical application enables designers in the fashion, jewelry and interior sectors the flexibility and efficiency required to ensure their designs can be reproduced easily, reach a wide audience and provide customers with a durable product.

Which Swarovski Products are Suitable for Mechanical Application?

• Buttons & Fasteners
• Metal Trimmings (studs, pins, rivets and so on)

The Mechanical Application Process

Various Swarovski products can be applied using mechanical force, creating a lasting bond with the carrier material. The mechanical application method is divided into two stages.
1. Firstly, it is necessary to check material strength and thickness of the fabric or leather prior to the application process to ensure you are using the right amount of pressure when applying the crystals or beads.
2. Next, ensure optimum product and die selection. In general, when carrying out mechanical applications it is important to ensure the proper alignment of products in the dies, so as to avoid any problems.